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College Advisement & Admissions Counseling

Our certified college experts can help your child with the essay and we provide application assistance, scholarship assistance, interview coaching and more!

College Advisement and Counseling

College Search Consulting

Searching for the right college is often difficult for families. Our counselors are experts in the field who evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and goals of each student to match each child to the perfect college for their future.

College Essays

The college essay can be a struggle, especially for students who struggle with writing. Grade Success CEO and best-selling author Marc Hoberman will help your child brainstorm compelling topics and assist them in improving the structure, tone, grammar and readability of the essay.

Application Assistance

Filling out college applications is a tedious and daunting task. We’ve helped thousands of students stand out in their applications to various colleges. Our college advisement specialists will help you and your child throughout the entire application process.

Scholarship Advisement

Our certified college advisement professionals provide excellent advice for anyone interested in scholarships. We’ve helped many students identify both the academic and athletic scholarships that they have the best chance at qualifying for.

In addition to the services above, we can also help your child with supplemental essays, FAFSA, interviews and college visitations.

We help students get into the college of their dreams!