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Can’t decide between SAT and ACT? We’ve got you covered! Take advantage of learning both courses for one low price! By taking these courses together, you are ensuring you are getting all of the information you could possibly need to take on either one of these tests! Take the course now, and decide which test to take later.

Topics for this course

111 Lessons

ACT English / Reading

8 Comma rules00:6:52
Comma Quiz Freckles00:9:16
Pronoun Antecedent Lesson00:12:00
Parallelism 100:6:18
Parallel Structure 200:5:04
Making Inferences00:13:51
Grammar Rules00:36:51
Faulty Parallelism00:6:54
Eleanor Reading Passage00:13:22
Comma Rules00:11:18
Redundancy Concise00:9:12
Redundancy 100:05:16
Reading Strategies00:24:55
Pronoun Skills Broccoli Muffins00:07:17
Pronoun Quiz 100:09:05
Pronoun Quiz 200:13:03
Pronoun Quiz 300:05:58
Pronoun Quiz 400:08:59
Subject Verb Pipe Organ00:08:52
Subject Verb 1100:11:37
Subject Verb 7 and 800:11:29
Subject and Verb Agreement Jan Holder00:16:47
Who Whom 100:12:06
Vocabulary in Context Questions00:17:08
Subject Verb Common Errors00:13:27

ACT Math

ACT Science

SAT English / Reading

OME SAT Prep Critical Reading

OME SAT Prep Math

$39.98 $35.00

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