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Does Your Child Truly Have What It Takes To Get Into Their Dream School?

Did you know the acceptance rate at Columbia University is an abysmal 3.9%?

While Ivy League schools make up the majority of the hardest colleges to get into, other highly selective schools, like Stanford and MIT, have comparably low admission rates.

As you may know, the most selective U.S. colleges maintain extremely strict admission standards. It isn’t enough to have “good grades”, your child must go the “extra mile” in order to get the attention of these historical schools.

Having a prestigious college degree will ensure the future of your child without a doubt. But, if they were to get a degree from schools such as Yale or Harvard, they will have access to the best jobs on the marketplace.

Your child’s future and financial safety can be determined from a simple yes or no from any of the mentioned colleges. On average, a college graduate makes $50,000 a year with their Bachelor’s degree.

On an annual basis, Bachelor’s Degree holders earn about $32,000 more than those whose highest degree is a high school diploma.

Getting your child/children into the best colleges will give them an opportunity to live a financially rewarding and more importantly, a comfortable life. Here are the statistics for how much a college graduate makes 10 years after graduation:

  • Graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) earn an average salary of $91,600
  • Harvard University graduates earn an average salary of $82,000
  • Stanford University graduates earn an average salary of $80,900.
  • Duke University graduates earn an average salary of $76,700
  • Princeton University graduates earn an average salary of $75,100

Columbia University alumni earn an average salary of $72,90

Is Your Son Or Daughter Prepared For The SAT/ACT Test?

The SATs / ACT tests are intended to assess your child’s readiness for college and university. There is a myth circulating that college admissions officers prefer one over the other. The truth is, college admin officers will accept both of these tests if possible.

Performing well on the SAT or the ACT is every student’s goal. However, we want your child to be more than every other student.

Many families struggle to decide which route is the best to take for their children. Some opt to take both for the following reasons:

  • More chances for the student to reach their score goal
  • Scoring well on both tests will provide a competitive advantage
  • Preparing for one test will help your child prepare for the other
  • More flexibility when setting up testing dates
  • Colleges will not penalize your child for taking both tests
  • Taking both tests can provide your child with a “backup plan” if something goes wrong

Finding the right program with SAT/ACT tutoring programs can be challenging. There are many companies that offer these services but lack the credentials and the proper experience.

By signing up with the wrong company, you put your child in danger of not only scoring poorly on these tests, but affecting their financial future and potential careers as well.

How To Pass The SAT/ACT Test Without a Doubt

Grade Success has specialized in tutoring, test prep and college counseling for over 30 years. We’ve developed a state-of-the-art, online tutoring platform so we can help students anywhere in the world learn efficiently in a unique digital environment.

We’ve built our own video series for study skills and subject tips, offer parent consulting, staff development, special needs and parent advocacy help, managing 504 plans, test prep and more.

Our staff are experts in niche areas of their subject. We want each child to connect with an instructor that can best address his or her individual needs.

Grade Success proudly employs test prep experts and professional teachers.

We’ve specialized in the SAT since the 1990’s, and offer SAT Tutoring year-round, including group seminars for both the PSAT and SAT.

Grade Success takes pride in our work and we guarantee success for your future university or college graduate.

When working with Grade Success you will receive:

  • Individual learning plans and tutoring sessions
  • Niche test taking strategies for all subjects
  • SAT/ACT preparation that builds confidence and strong test taking skills
  • An average of 2 grade levels raised across all subjects
  • 4 average score increase on the ACT test
  • 150 average score increase on SAT test
  • 24/7 access to webinars with lessons that help improve your child’s test scores

Today you are being offered two programs for the price of 1. Our SAT and ACT tutoring programs are both worth $400 each.

For only $35 your child will have access to one of the best SAT/ACT test prep program in the in the market. You will feel true joy when you see the growth your child will display after taking our courses. We also offer the SAT and ACT Test Prep Video Courses separately.

If you are ready to give your children the best opportunity to succeed, click the blue button below!


“Grade Success truly excels at teaching College Test Prep. I even developed a relationship with the CEO Marc Hoberman and hired him to co-author my memoir 15 years later.

Stephen Hill,
Motivational Speaker

“Grade Success had an enormous impact on my career and personal development. As the adviser to the school newspaper and my SAT tutor, Marc helped me become a better writer, test taker, and editor in chief.”

Mondaire Jones,

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