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Is Your Child A Below Average Student? Here’s How You Can Help Them!

Do you have a child who is struggling to get good grades & might be in danger of failing?

Sometimes a certain subject doesn’t stimulate them enough or they can’t grasp the concept.

Every student is different, some learn fast and there are those who learn slow.

If you have been watching your child struggle in school and aren’t sure what to do, it might be time to consider improving their study habits.

There are many reasons why a parent might have to spend extra time with their child to help them learn and retain information.

Creating a studying strategy can be very difficult. Especially if you aren’t very knowledgeable of the subject at hand.

Some students require more attention than others.

There are now studying webinars that provide 24 hour access to videos that help children improve their studying skills & test taking skills.

Here’s how…..

Instant Access To The Most Effective 30 Minute Study Skills Webinar That Will Improve Your Child’s Studying Skills In Only 1 Week

Your child can have instant access to the most intensive, detailed oriented studying webinar in the United States.

There is no other program that will teach your children how to become better test takers with improved study habits.

This 30 minute, power packed, studying webinar will introduce a series of proven strategies and techniques that will bring you the results you and your child have been looking for.

Developed by a master teacher with over 30+ years of teaching experience, this webinar was designed for your child’s success.

Not only will you see academic improvement, you will also see personal growth and an improved self esteem from your future college graduates.

So what makes this study webinar so special?

Get Real Results Using Proven Study Skills Techniques From a Master Educator With Over 30 Years Of Experience 

Grade Success has specialized in tutoring, test prep and college counseling for over 30 years.

We’ve developed a state-of-the-art, online studying webinar so we can help students anywhere in the world learn efficiently in a unique digital environment.

We’ve built our own video webinar for study skills and subject tips, offer parent consulting, staff development, special needs and parent advocacy help, managing 504 plans, test prep and more.

Our staff are experts in niche areas of their subject. We want each child to connect with an instructor that can best address his or her individual needs.

Grade Success proudly employs test prep experts, professional teachers and college advisement consultants.

We’ve specialized in the SAT since the 1990’s, and offer SAT Tutoring year-round, including group seminars for both the PSAT and SAT.

Grade Success takes pride in our work and we guarantee success for your future university or college graduate.

You can help your child today by providing them with the best online study skills webinar on the market. If you sign up today you can expect to receive:

  • Test Taking Strategies That Will Improve Your Child’s Grade Averages
  • Niche Test Taking Strategies For All Subjects
  • Studying Strategies That Will Help Your Child Retain More Information Faster
  • Proven Test Taking Tips That Help Your Child Become An Efficient Test Taker
  • 24/7 Access To The Webinar
  • A Child With An Improved Self Esteem And Confidence.

Today you are being offered the Study Skills Webinar at a discounted price of only $25.

The Study Skills Webinar is valued at $100, but today, you can take advantage of our current discount pricing. 

Your child will have access to the best study skills webinar program in the United States. You will feel true joy when you see the growth your child will display after taking our 30 minute course.

If you are ready to give your children the best opportunity to succeed, click the blue button below!

Meet Marc Hoberman The Founder & Lead Educator At Grade Success Education

Grade Success was founded by Marc Hoberman, a keynote speaker, professional author and former high school dean and teacher.

He has tutored students, consulted with parents, and trained teachers, small business owners and corporate executives nationally.

Marc is the author of many books on teaching and the memoir “Adversity Defeated” and has been featured on both television and radio programs.


“Grade Success truly excels at teaching both writing and study skills. English was my worst subject, but I went from a C to an A in just a few months of tutoring.”

Stephen Hill,
Motivational Speaker

“Grade Success had an enormous impact on my career and personal development. As the adviser to the school newspaper and my SAT tutor, Marc helped me become a better writer, test taker, and editor in chief.”

Mondaire Jones,

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